arcs_2500Academic Reading Circles by Tyson Seburn is a teacher-resource book that explains and exemplifies an intensive reading approach aimed at improving learner engagement with and understanding of concepts in non-fiction texts, like those encountered in higher education courses. This approach  (academic reading circles or “ARC”) combines individual investigation about specific aspects of a course text with collaborative construction of knowledge about that text in groups. In the book, teachers are guided through an entire ARC cycle, including:

  • the initial introduction of ARC to learners;
  • the five ARC roles learners undertake when reading a text;
  • detailed examples of their use on a sample text;
  • solutions for groupings, assessment, and potential problem areas; and
  • downloadable activities to further facilitate ARC beyond this book.

Visit the publisher pageAcademic Reading Circles is ideal for teacher use in pre-sessional or in-sessional EAP programs at the university level. The book is published with the round and available for mobile devices (PC/Mac/Kindle/iPad) only

Buy the book:

If you don’t own a mobile device to read it, you can download Adobe Digital Editions or Kindle app  for free to read on your laptop. Note: If you have purchased this book, thank you! There will be occasional updates. You will be automatically notified and can download the new version for free.

Book contents:

Chapter 1 : Background
Chapter 2 : Basics
Chapter 3 : Text
Chapter 4 : Leader
Chapter 5 : Contextualiser
Chapter 6 : Visualiser
Chapter 7 : Connector
Chapter 8 : Highlighter
Chapter 9 : Interactions
Chapter 10 : Considerations
Appendix A: Community
Appendix B : More


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